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Orgazum911 is an escort directory connecting tourists,business executives and locals with both independent escorts and escort agencies. Within our webpages you will find photos,videos,descriptive biografies and contact information of escorts and escort agencies. Orgazum911 contains VIP escorts,edecanes,modelos and damas de compañia. All being female escorts who travel throughout Mexico.These are your average hookers from La merced nor street prostitutes you find standing along the every street corner of Sullivan. Instead these are clean,classy,modelos AAA or what is known as a vip escort. All of which offer outcalls to either hotel ot residence. Areas they frequent : Polanco,Condesa,Reforma,Santa Fe,Lomas,Mexico City Airport and more.CONTACT any escort advertised here directly , most prefer initial contact via whatsapp to schedule , but a good old fashioned phone call always works too.

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what is a Vip escort?
A vip escort is a classification refering to the level of the escort model herself. Because there are many different types of escorts available in Mexico city. Many escort girls perfer to advertise themselves according to the level of escort providers they are. For example ; there are many escort websites which have a specific class of escort girls . Sites like mileroticos, mundosexanuncio,sexoservisoras & pecadoras are a class of escorts which generally charge under 2000 pesos the hr , some charge this same rate/fee for 2hrs. In the escort world these are considered "low budget" escorts who invest little time and energy in the gym , beauty salons, clothing or their appearance in general. Most (though not all) are drug users and are managed by street thugs and or pimps. Most of the time contracting this level of escort becomes a nightmare instead of a memorable experience. The majority of these level of escort girls ,use fake pictures inorder to be booked, in the end what arrives at your hotel room or residence is a much older and uglier substitute escort which you had no intention of contracting. Upon trying to cancel the this escort ,youll be confront with a demand for cancelation fee and or taxi fee . Most clients inorder to avoid making a seen either pay what the escort is demanding or feel pressured to continue with the service requested. ( these are class " c" escorts ) AAA Escorts are not the same as VIP escorts , while they charge a bit more than your ordinary looking escort girls, they arent VIP level either. Most are from some latin american country who arrive in Mexico to capitolize on Mexico´s tourism and peso value. These class "B" escorts , though more attractive still have alot lacking when it comes to etiquette and presentation. Most have had cosmetic surgeries to enhance their physical beauty but their attitudes and attire remains the same as a "c" class escort. For the most part AAA escorts who advertise themselves on the internet use professional photographers for their porfolios they call "book". While these "b" class escorts are real, too much photoshop will have you thinking your getting a magazine level escort , when in truth , what arrives is alot different without the airbrush and photo editing. These "b" class escorts usually are alot older and fatter than their photos depict. With said last but not least there exist an "A" class escort or vip escort .These high level providers are the real deal, they religiously spend hours in the gym,have a certain confidence about themselves that would attract any man. They know exactly their self worth and always aim for the stars. These VIP escorts are "A"class because they are perfect escort companions , they are both alluring and educated. From head to toe they are impressionable , they dress to impress and are able to carry themselves in the most upscale atmospheres. They are accustomed to coporate events, rich and affluent gentlemen from all over the world. Some speak multiple languages , have visas and are world traveled. Far from ordinary in every aspect is howyou define a true VIP escort. Hopefully this information (opinion ) has been helpful as a guide to selecting your ideal escort date while in mexico city.
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selecting an escort date
Finding the perfect escort may sometimes prove challenging because a large percentage of escorts use fake photos to advertise themselves. In london there is a distinct quality of independent escort(s) even when booking through an agency the experience is excellent. In hongkong the average escort girl is the equivalent of a vip escort in other countries . Mexico , Amsterdam and every city that attracts heavy tourism always have an overwhelming escort population. China and places like las vegas attract even the most beautiful girls to become or moonlight as escorts. Being a escort companion and offering vip service is a poor girls dream. Young babes and class escorts throughout the republic have made the xxx industry lose millions of dollars . As more men and women prefer a live date over watching porn.
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What is a bilingual escort?
A bilingual escort is a escort who can speak two or more distinct languages. For example: an escort who speaks both Spanish and English would be considered a bilingual escort. Bilingual escorts are usually more in demand than regular escorts than only speak one language. Mexico City is frequented by tourists who though enjoy coming to Mexico whether for business or vacation ,many do not speak Spanish. These comprise the client base for bilingual escorts as the prefer to hire an escort they can communicate with . Some escorts in Mexico City have improvised on not being bilingual and have taken up using translator apps in order to better communicate with clients who do not speak their native language. Though it is a good idea , in the end it’s the same as being to hold a conversation easily between client and escort.A bilingual escort is your number option if your wanting to avoid awkward moments. Hiring an escort that doesn’t speak your language for a dinner date will prove uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing. Therefore if your not bilingual yourself take the time to search for a “ bilingual escort “ , though the amount of bilingual escorts are available are fewer than ordinary single language speaking escorts , it well worth the time and search. Hiring any escort should be to achieve a memorable experience. Again just search for bilingual escorts if your interested in an escort that speaks different languages. Search results will lead in the right direction in finding websites such as this one where bilingual escorts advertise their services and provide their personal contact information.
About GFE escorts
A gfe escorts is a term that has been in use for over two decades. Yet many have no idea what a gfe escort is or what it means. GFE is an acronym for girl friend experience. In other words in order to have a better idea of what is a gfe escort you can simply lose the acronym and refer to the type of escort as a “ girl friend experience escort”. Girl friend experience suggests that the experience is more intimate than just your routine escort experience. Escorts vary not only in appearance,etiquette and rates but also in the services provided. A gfe escort advertises her self as such , because her service include a more intimate service and experience. This usually suggests kissing, mutual oral and other more daring services. Though gfe escorts are abundant in Mexico City , the services and limitations of each gfe escort will always differ. Some gfe escorts have no limitations for the right price, while others may use gfe or “trato de novios”as a way to achieve more clients while never really providing the service. Kissing as a gfe escort is more than likely a must for clients who look for a certain level of intimacy. Kissing for the most part and mutual oral or 69 are clients favorites. Because it provides a more realistic fantasy that the escort is actually someone the client knows personally. Hence why the term gfe escort is searched more than just your random escort. A girl friend experience escort does not mean she is a highclass escort or vip escort , the term itself is only to understand the service that, that particular escort provides.
Contracting escorts in Mexico City
Though Mexico City has thousands of escorts some tourists are skeptical about contacting escorts services. In Mexico there is what is deemed “ escort tolerance “. Escorting though accepted if done independently. Is strictly frowned upon if done by coercion or force. White slavery or “ trata de blancas “ is very illegal in Mexico. So much so many of the stripclubs , also known as puteros have been permanently shut down by government authorities. Sex trafficking and white slavery have been fiercely prosecuted in Mexico-City. Once upon a time you could go to almost any stripclub and buy sex. Now stripclubs are not even allowed to have provocative female advertisements. Since many stripclubs where shut down a booming business of “ Casas de citas “ sprang up across the city. The places are underground makeshift clubs that’s provide drinks and escorts , they vary in size and amenities. Some have rooms equipped with jacuzzis etc. While these places are illegal , Mexico City allows open prostitution in certain areas of Mexico City. Sullivan is an avenue which becomes a redlight district at night. You can find hundreds of female prostitutes standing along this avenue offering their services. La merced is another area of prostitution tolerance where you can find female prostitutes day or night. As was previously stated there is a tolerance for “ independent escorts “, while other forms of escorting are illegal, such as puteros or stripclubs. Most tourists prefer contracting escorts online as opposed to taking a taxi to find a escort who works on street corners. This may be due to two factors : safety and time. Most prefer the comfort of calling and requesting outcall escort services to hotel or residence.

About orgazum911 Escort Directory , MEXICO

Welcome to orgazum911, MEXICO. If your a foreigner ,businessman,tourist or entrepreneur presently searching for escorts in Mexico City our website is for you . We have elite VIP escorts advertised here on orgazum911 escort directory. Each model displayed is an independent escort. Most have gone through the trouble of having a photographer take magazine level beautifully presented photos of them . Yes thats correct they are professionally photographed. Therefore dont be discouraged in contacting them directly because you believe that their images arent accurrate depictions of them. ” They are 100% real “. These highclass escorts are exclusive vip courtesans available and experienced for any occassion. An elite escort is hard to find , especially when visiting a foreign country .Check each escort profile , as many are bilingual or speak multiple languages. Most of our ESCORT profiles are from escort models from various countries which makes it that much easier locating an exotic escort of your dreams.Mention orgazum911 when contacting any escort advertised here , why? because in doing so your vip escort selection will be more confident and trusting in accompanying you to where youd like. An escort date isnt as simple as buying sneakers, their should be compatability between you and the escort(S) you select. Best wishes and have fun ! Orgazum911 is better than backpage as it only allows vip escort profiles !

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